Mahalo, Maui!

Dear Maui,

I miss you! Since I’ve left your welcoming beaches, luscious hills and wondrous mountains, I’ve been filled with longing. I want to feel your sand between my toes once more, and to drink in your intoxicating air.

I want to return. I know one day I will. But that day is not today, and that makes me so sad.

I can still feel the warm kiss of your sun and the gentle lapping of your waves. I’m different now that I’ve experienced your presence. You’ve changed me. But the essence is fading fast.

Instead of your beautiful blue horizon, this morning I woke to frosty grey skies and freezing air. I’m happy to be home. Though, as I’m contemplating the return to my regular life, my heart is still with you.

I saved a memory of us for just this moment.

I’m floating on a paddleboard in the warm silkiness of one of your bays. The sun is showering my back with radiance, as I’m awed by the sharp, green slopes rising in front of me. Clouds are gently skimming your peaks with their smokey wispiness. I look down, and through feet of depth, I’m able to peer the shimmering outlines of curvy boulders at the bottom of your crystal clear waters.

You’re so perfect. I want nothing more than to remain here with you, at peace.

I’ll be back. Wait for me.

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